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Group Savings Plans


We have over 15 years experience managing Group Retirement Programs for companies in various industry sectors. We pride ourselves on being objective, impartial and committed to promoting financial literacy for plan members by actively engaging with employees on the benefits of saving for retirement.

iA Group Savings Plan

In our search for a carrier that meets our high standards, we decided upon iA Financial Group, which leads the pack in providing accessible, user-friendly and cost-efficient retirement tools to their plan members. Through iA, plan-members have access to best in class 3rd party funds and institutional portfolio managers often unavailable to retail investors. Plan members are given the option to select portfolios that are professionally managed by Qube, or choose Build-Your-Own portfolios. We apply the same rigorous investment standards to the Group Savings fund portfolios that we manage as we do for our individual portfolios. We'd like to think that this shows in terms of our past results. 

Plan Member Engagement

At Qube, we set ourselves apart from the crowd in our commitment to improving financial literacy amongst plan members. Working together with management, we strive to educate, inform and assist employees who are going to rely heavily on their retirement savings in the future. After all, the key to a successful group savings plan is employee engagement.


For this reason, we offer one-on-one sessions, in the belief that these sessions are beneficial in creating a retirement vision and encouraging ongoing engagement. In 20-minute sessions, plan members are able to meet with one of our representatives to review their respective retirement projections and set goals for the next year. 

Protected Interests

One of the factors that can influence the return generated by your investment portfolio is asset allocation (in terms of equities vs bonds). Therefore, when establishing the distribution of assets for each plan-member, it is very important that they are able to choose a combination of bond funds and equity funds that correspond to their specific investor profile and risk tolerance level. We make sure to provide a number of fund models in order to ensure that each plan-member's asset allocation suits their unique investment needs, while also maintaining appropriate sectoral and geographic levels of diversification. Managing risk doesn't just mean switching out equity funds for bond funds.  

Cost Efficiency

In 2013, we were able to negotiate an agreement with iA Financial Group which allows us to pool together all of the group savings assets that we manage, thereby gaining volume discounts for our clients. What this means is that our average portfolio fee is now lower than the industry average.   

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