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Individual Savings Plan


iA Financial Group offers a diverse range of pooled fund investment options for their Savings and Retirement clients. Using these options, Qube Investment Management Inc. (QIM) has created our globally diversified 'Protected Interests' model to help withstand the inherent volatility in the stock market.

iA Individual  Savings Plan

Our fund model at Industrial Alliance was initiated at the beginning of 2005 and eventually replaced our Manulife segregated fund model. The model has consistently added value for shareholders. A fact that can be attributed to the diversified set of fund assets held in our fund portfolio as well as the active style of management that we provide. In contrast to our Kaleo and Qatalyst models, for which we have sole discretion when it comes to the selection of equity assets, our iA Individual model is designed to hold a select portfolio of pooled funds that accord with our contemporary macroeconomic and sectoral thesis. 

What Does This Model Invest In?

The model invests in a diversified mix of pooled-funds. All clients are encouraged to also hold a mixture of fixed income funds to moderate risk, and match investor specific tolerances for risk. 

Qube's Protected Interests Model

You can access more detailed information from Qube's team; please consult professional advice prior to investing to ensure your investment is appropriate based on your tolerance for risk.

Lead Portfolio Manager: Ian Quigley, MBA
Client Relations Contact: Apurva, MBA

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