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Kaleo A


Who is this model for?

This model is managed for clients who are looking to save for retirement and/or investing in the medium to long-term. It is appropriate for clients who want to blend an equity-based model with fixed income holdings to moderate volatility.  

Top 10 Investments as of June 28, 2019

  • Visa Inc 6.9%

  • iShares Gold Trust 6.4%

  • Facebook 6.4%

  • Nextera Energy 6.4%

  • Accenture 5.3%                                                

  • Baxter International 5.3%

  • SPDR Gold Trust 5.0

  • Waste Management INC 4.7% 

  • Walmart 4.5% 

  • Mondelez International INC 4.2%


The model invests in a mix of Canadian and Global Equities. All clients are encouraged to also hold a mixture of fixed income investments to moderate risk, and match investor specific tolerances for risk. The chart above gives you a snapshot of the model's investments on June 28, 2019. Please note Qube reviews and rebalances all of their portfolios on a scheduled basis; as such, the composition of this model may change. Please contact a Qube client representative for more information. 


The value of the model can go down as well as up.  You could lose money.  One way to gauge risk is to look at how much a fund's returns change over time. This is called “volatility.” In general, investments with higher volatility will have returns that change over time. They typically have a greater chance of losing money and may have a greater chance of higher returns.  Investments with lower volatility tend to have returns that change less over time, and typically have lower returns and a lower chance of losing money.


Qube has rated this model as “medium risk.” This rating is based on how much the Fund's returns have changed from year to year. It doesn't tell you how volatile the Fund will be in the future. The rating can change over time. A fund with a low-risk rating can still lose money. Like most mutual funds this investment model does not have any guarantees. You may not get back the amount of money you initially invested. 



Returns are after trading costs, but before management fees on a model portfolio of $500,000. All returns for a period of more than one year are reported as annualized returns. Reported returns are for the period ending January 1, 2019.


If your account is registered as a pension trust, RRSP, RESP, LIF or RRIF, you only pay tax on withdrawals from the account. Otherwise, you'll pay income tax on any money you make on your investments. How much you pay depends on the tax laws in the Province in which you live.  Interest, dividends and other distributions in a non-registered account are included in your taxable income whether you withdraw them in cash or have them reinvested in the model.

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Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 10.16.18

Qube's Kaleo Investment Models

You can access more detailed information from Qube's team; please consult professional advice prior to investing to ensure your investment is appropriate based on your tolerance for risk.


For more information, download our brochure.

Lead Portfolio Manager: Ian Quigley, MBA
Client Relations Contact: Noah Clarke, MA

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