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Individual Pension Plans: The Story

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Why a Story?

At Qube, we are passionate about a number of great topics that focus on the investment needs of Canadian business owner-managers and executives. One of our favorite topics to talk about is the Individual Pension Plan (IPP), a planning idea that has formed a large part of our practice. We manage more of these programs than any other independent investment firm in Alberta. While we have published a book (“Tax and Compensation Strategies,” Cardwell 2016), as well as numerous papers and seminars on the topic, we never tire of telling the story.

Which brings us to this story: the story of Al, a business opener-manager who is trying to figure out what an IPP is all about. We trust that in following Al’s journey, you gain insight about these programs and maybe a touch of our inspiration and enthusiasm for managing them.

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