We know that every individual has the power to make a difference and shape the world in a positive manner.  
Sometimes it just requires a little support.

 Foundations can and should lead to social progress. If you have an interest in setting up your own fund, be assured:

  • There is power in the pooling of resources and donations;

  • We act free of political or governmental influences;

  • We actively promote those with new ideas for high impact social change;

  • We assist our recipients with management advice, performance measurement, and operational efficiency, in addition to financial support;

  • We report all activities of our foundation to our donors in a highly transparent manner;

  • We invest in high returns, high efficient social impacts.

Our foundation uses similar principles for stewardship of the funds under stewardship by Qube Investment Management Inc. (QIM).  QIM is a professional wealth management firm registered in the Provinces of Alberta and British Columbia offering wealth and investment management services (www.qubeinvest.ca).  

If you are interested in supporting these efforts, in becoming a philanthropist and in making a real difference in society, consider making a tax-deductible donation to the "Qube Charitable Foundation" or setting up your own charitable fund.

Why Not Set Up Your Own Fund?
  • For as little as $100,000 you can establish your charitable fund within the foundation;

  • You can direct where the grants will go specifically or via categories for our trustees to follow;

  • Donations and endowed funds can be public or kept private. It's up to you.


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