The Wendy Cassady Memorial Fund

The Wendy Cassady Memorial Fund was established in 2016 by Wendy and Noel Cassady as a way to support the social causes that they are passionate about long into the future. With a significant one-time donation, a twenty-year plan was developed to support faith-based, art and social justice causes. A significant long-term grant was negotiated with the Chester Ronning Centre of the University of Alberta's Augustana Campus to support interfaith studies, as well as grants for Art Scholarships, Inner-City Hot Lunch Programs, and Literacy efforts.

In 2018, the fund was featured in the University of Alberta's Augustana "Report to the Community." With the help of the Wendy Cassady Memorial Fund, the International Fellows Program plans to develop an international conference that brings together scholars, religious community leaders, members of the media, policymakers and others outside of academia to discuss religious topics and issues. Such work satisfies the foundation's central aim: "to facilitate interdisciplinary work in the intersection of religion and public life." 

2018 Report.png

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