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Make it Matter For


Your Investments

At Qube, we believe that growing your wealth, not just the value of your investments, matters the most. Whether it be retirement projections, tax optimization strategies, management of charitable foundation accounts, or corporate retirement plans our team members customize planning options for your consideration.

Your Retirement

To plan for retirement is to prepare for your future. In the long term, it matters. We understand, however, that it can also be overwhelming. Let us help you do some retirement planning and goal setting. 

"How much does one need to save for retirement?" "How much can one realistically expect to spend once they do retire?" We help clarify questions, such as these, and more.  We also review client plans on a regular basis to measure success and adjust.


Your Tax Planning

Reducing your tax bill is not the only thing that matters when it comes to tax planning. Instead, we seek meaningful opportunities for our clients that won’t create undue tax liability risks. Our approach is strategic, skilled and varied. Our tax planning services include investment tax positioning, implementing and managing Individual Pension Plans (IPPs), as well as providing estate/succession planning and advising on the appropriate application of life insurance.

Your Corporate Planning

Let us help show you what you can do to assist your corporation. Commonly referred by accountants and lawyers, we help business owners and executives with pension, investment, and various tax planning. We serve clients with various strategies including those who want to invest corporate surplus in a tax-preferred manner, offer a more engaging group savings plan to their employees, or initiate a self-administered Private Health Services Plan (PHSP).


Responsible Investing

Most importantly, we believe that our investment management approach matters. We uphold corporate responsibility by engaging in shareholder activism to increase corporate accountability, and, in turn, support higher share values for our investors. This ensures a higher return for society at large.


Before investing, we passionately investigate, monitor, and review companies to ensure they demonstrate transparency of executive compensation and accounting practices; environmentally sustainable operations; active partnerships in the communities in which they operate; and positive relationships with all stakeholders, including employees and shareholders.

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